Safety First Policy

We are COR certified, compliant with ISNetWorld , ComplyWorks and Avetta, and a member of the Alberta Construction Safety Association. Safety is always the core focus of any project our team works on. We are committed to maintaining a strong effective safety program that protects staff, equipment, material, the public and the environment from accidental or deliberate loss caused by injuries or accidents.

All team members are provided with a safety orientation and WHMIS training upon hire. We also provide job specific training such as aerial work, fall arrest, confined space or any other training that is required.

Our Safety Policy

Our goal is to maintain an injury and accident free workplace for all employees.

The Willowridge team will provide and maintain a safe work environment by identifying hazards, implementing adequate control methods and inspecting equipment and processes to ensure that safety is always the focus of any project.

Supervisors, employees and subcontractors will be required to work diligently, complying with applicable government legislation and co-operating with management to identify and reduce risks on and off the jobsite.

Environmental Policy

Willowridge is committed to the protection of the environment. Management will supply the proper procedures, training and equipment necessary to minimize environmental incidents. Willowridge will ensure that if damage to the environment from unforeseen incidents or spills occur, the company will work diligently to minimize impact.

Managers, supervisors, employees and subcontractors will share the responsibility and be accountable for the company’s environmental impact. Willowridge understands the importance of preserving the environment of any jobsite and as a team, we take responsibility for any and all impact to the environment of our work.